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About Our Collaborative

Set up in 2013, we are following the example of other surgical research collaboratives by promoting trainee led research of a high standard utilising the deanery setup to enable multicentre studies.

The central committee consists of trainees and supervising Consultants. Trainees: Sian Pugh, Fergus Noble, Katherine Pearson and Nathan Curtis. Consultants: Alex Mirnezami, Tim Underwood, Ben Knight, Ramsey Cuttress, Graham Branagan, Brendan Moran, and John Primrose.

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Next meeting: June 29th 2016

6pm-9pm at Wykeham Arms, Winchester

Discussion and approval of new project protocols

Future meetings: TBA

Time and location: TBA

Previous meetings

November 6th 2014

January 22nd 2015

April 27th 2015

June 16th 2015

September 10th 2015

January 20th 2016

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Study group: Ian Bailey, Malcolm West, Ulrike Hesse, Declan McDonnell, Amanda Bond, Jack Broadhurst, Emily Myhill, Benjamin Knight, Simon Toh, James Hopkins, Nathan Curtis, Angela Brent, Oliver Allenby-Smith, Jake Foster, Kate Harvey, Jasmine Winyard, Saqib Rahman, Emily Cook, Sunhindra Rao, Rupesh Sutaria, Andrew Nickinson, Nick Davies, Lulu Tanno, Thomas Russell, Samuel Pell, ben Cresswell, Stefan Arnaudov, Gemma Hughes, David Hou, Yasmin Jauhari, Christian Wakefield, Manish Chand. Protocol group: Fergus Noble, Leo McCormick Matthews, Colin Johnson

Protocol PDF
Audit approval PDF
Local Audit approval PDF CADS


Study group: Graham Branagan, Nathan Curtis, Max Marsden, Fergus Noble, Jack Broadhurst, Tim Moore, Richard Booth, Mark Bignell, Nicholas Beck, Benjamin Stubbs, Laurence Devoto, Najaf Siddiqi, Brendan Moran, Nick Battersby, Salman Heydari, Oliver Shihab, Robert Howell, Guy Nash, Jasmine Winyard, Katherine Pearson, Sian Pugh, John Primrose


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ASGBI 2015

Oral presentation - Follow up after surgery for colorectal cancer: The DISCLOSE study

DDF 2015

Poster presentation - Follow up after colorectal cancer: time to revise the guidance? (DISCLOSE)

ASGBI 2016

Oral presentation - Application of Atlanta 2012 definitions in a prospective audit using UK audit standards of the management of acute pancreatitis across Health Education Wessex (PanWessex)

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